Hamortex Hammer Cushions and Pile Cushions are manufactured by laminating thin aluminum sheeting with either Kevlar or a special fibre, and then rolled or
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Advantages to Hamortex.

  1. Heat dissipating system in the fibre prevents burning.
  2. Conforms easily to irregular and non-parallel surfaces.
  3. Easily installed by simply fitting the roll to the cup by unwinding the excess!
  4. Does not work harden; stack can be rebuilt by adding more layers.
  5. Two grades of material to choose from:
    HAMORTEX-S: For light to medium driving.
    HAMORTEX-X: For hard continuous driving.


  1. Coefficient of Impact 0.45-0.50 (plywood gradually hardens from 0.25 to0.6).
  2. Modulus of Elasticity
    Es at 2000 lb/in.sq. = 90,000
    Es at 3000 lb/in.sq. = 116,000
  3. Modulus of Resilence (ability to lower the impact peak by extending the time travel.)
    U at 2000 lb/in.sq. = 1.9 ft. lbs/cu. in.
    U at 3000 lb/in.sq. = 3.2 ft. lbs/cu. in.

Application Graphics