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Pile Driving Equipment & Accessories

Worlds Largest Inventory of MKT Vibratory Hammers

Phone: 985-764-1194 Fax: 985-764-1196 N.O. Line: 523-3997
520 Goodhope St./P.O. Box 249 Norco, La. 70079
President: J.J. Waguespack

  • MKT - Vibratory, Diesel, Air Steam / Vulcan - Air Steam / Hamortex - Cushion Material
  • Dawson Construction Products - Threaders, G.R. Shackles, Hydraulic Impact
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  • Founded in 1988, Mississippi River Equipment Company has the largest fleet of MKT vibratory hammers in the World. Our experience in some of the older MKT equipment exceeds even that of the factory, and often we are the last resort for information regarding the V-14, and V-16 series vibratory hammers. Our specialty lies in the rebuilding of older equipment to like new specifications and our fleet of new and used pile driving equipment gives our customers a wide range of choice when making a purchase.
  • In addition to a complete line of Vibratory, Diesel, and Air Hammers & Extractors from MKT, we also have a full line of Vulcan Air Hammers ranging from the #2 at 7,260 ft/lbs, to the 512 with up to a 5 foot stroke and 60,000 ft/lbs. As the Gulf South's largest full line dealer of pile driving equipment and accessories, call us on your next job and let us show you what Quality and Service are all about.